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All-in-one studios.
TV, radio & podcast studios in the heart of London.

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Media Training
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Remote Guest
Advanced Air Purification

London Broadcast is protected with a 5-Stage filtered UV-C Air Purification system.


HEPA13 filtration, carbon filtration and UV (Ultra Violet) Sterilisation Technology.


 Radio Studio 

Podcast. Radio. Voiceover.

The radio studio fits up to 4 microphones + dial in guests. 


Remote guests can be connected to the studio via a phone-line or computer. For broadcast interviews or radio days, ISDN is available through ipDTL.

The studio has a 32" flatscreen TV for voiceover or ADR recording. Talkback is available between the control room and conference room.

The master mix and individual (ISO) tracks are recorded as standard by our crew.


Need a larger space? Our TV studio and conference room can be converted into a radio studio for up to 8 mics + dial in guests.


 TV Studio 

Interviews. Presentations. Live.

The TV studio has 3 broadcast-quality cameras, with recommended capacity for up to 4 seated (6 standing).


Connect to events or guests remotely via any video conference software, alongside presenter wireless earpieces (IEMs) and talkback. Sound is recorded with wireless lapel microphones with back-up wired recording.

Live graphics, name-straps and pre-recorded video can be mixed into recordings or streams using our Tricaster mixer. Livestream to any social platform, event platform or website.

The default set is 'breakfast show' sofa, and greenscreen and colourama backdrops are also available.

Built for the future.

London Broadcast has seamless interconnectivity between our studios and meeting room.


Watch any studio feed from any connected screen or device across our whole facility through NDI production.

Conference Room

Private. Connected. Hospitality.

Our boardroom has seating for up to 9 guests, with up to 6 guests seated at the main table.

Two 4K smart television screens provide live feeds from the TV and radio studios, as well as screen sharing through Airplay, Google Chromecast, and HDMI cable.

Video conferencing calls can be hosted using any service provider, including Zoom and Microsoft Teams.

A drinks fridge with a range of chilled beverages, and tea/coffee serving, is provided complimentary.

Private use of the boardroom is included with all studio bookings.


Breakout Spaces

Space to create.

With over 1,200 sq feet of floorspace, London Broadcast includes a sofa breakout area, control room gallery seating and a private outdoor patio.



Based in W1 London



Marble Arch

Edgware Road

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