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TV Studio upgraded with colour change LED lights in backdrop

Lighting system will give clients more control over the colour tone of the studio set.

TV studio breakfast news set at London Broadcast with LED lighting.
TV studio breakfast news set at London Broadcast with LED lighting.

London Broadcast has completed the installation of new LEDs strip lighting across its TV studio backdrop.

The LED lights will provide clients the ability to tone their studio backdrop with any RGB colour profile, and can be changed instantly - even during recordings.

The LED lights are also dimmable to match the overall lighting profile of each set.

LED lights TV studio London
LED lights in TV Studios covering entire backdrop of the set.

The new lighting is controlled through a wireless system, either through the studio iPad or a remote control. Clients are able to create and save custom profiles to match their exact needs.

Improved backdrop lighting comes as part on an ongoing investment in the studio production capabilities, including a continued transition to a full NDI (AV over IP) infrastructure.

LED mood lighting will soon be installed in the radio and podcast studio, and control room.

LED lighting strip running across the back of the TV set

For more information, please contact a member of the production crew or visit our studio technical specifications page.


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