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International Swimming League live TV interviews at London Broadcast

International Swimming League (ISL) held a series of live TV media interviews at London Broadcast.

The newly appointed ISL Commissioner, Ben Allen and its Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Matt Dawe, took part in 2 long form television interviews from the TV studio.

The first interview was for industry publication, SwimSwam, as part of its podcast series with Mel Stewart.

Ben and Matt wore IEM (in ear monitor) ear pieces to speak to the interviewer, and looked down a single camera for the duration of the interview. There was a preview TV screen available so they could see themselves during the interview.

International Swimming League Commissioner
Ben Allen, ISL Commissioner and Matt Dawe, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) at London Broadcast.

The second interview was for prominent industry media publication Inside with Brett Hawke. The interview was live streamed from the studio onto platform StreamYard.

To find out more about the International Swimming League (ISL), please look at their website.


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